Choctaw Agency | Mississippi | Natchez Trace Parkway

Milepost 100.7 – Choctaw Agency – From 1807 until after 1820 a brick structure here housed an agent who served as a liaison between the U.S. Government and the Choctaw Nation.

Parkway Information Cabin

Milepost 102.4 – Parkway Information Cabin. Visitors can also exit the Parkway here to visit the Craft Center.

Brashears Stand and Old Trace Site | Natchez Trace Parkway

Milepost 104.5 – Brashears Stand and Old Trace Site – The Stand was advertised in 1806 as ” house of entertainment in the wilderness.” Nearby is part of the original trace.  

Reservoir Overlook – Natchez Trace Compact – MS

Milepost 105.6 – Reservoir Overlook – Ross Barnett Reservoir on the Pearl River parallels the parkway for eight miles.

Boyd Site – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 106.9 – Boyd Site – These earthen burial mounds were built from 900 to 1,200 years ago.

West Florida Boundary – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 107.9 – West Florida Boundary – This old boundary ran from the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers’ confluence east to the Chattahoochee.

Cypress Swamp | Natchez Trace Parkway – Mississippi

Milepost 122.0 – Cypress Swamp – Self-guiding trail. Β Allow 20 minutes to walk through a water Tupelo/bald-cypress swamp.  

Upper Choctaw Boundary – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 128.4 – Upper Choctaw Boundary – Self-guiding trail. Β Allow 10 minutes to walk in area that features southern pines. A line of trees marks this dividing line.  

Yockanookany – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 130.9 – Yockanookany – Picnic area

Robinson Road – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 135.5 – Robinson Road – Dating from 1821 this road connected Jackson and Columbus, Mississippi. Β It also has a picnic area.  

Red Dog Road – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 140.0 – Red Dog Road – Named for a Choctaw chief, the road was open in 1834.

Myrick Creek – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 145.1 – Myrick Creek – Self-guiding trail. Take 10 minutes to learn about the beavers here.

Information Center – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 160.0 – Information Center – Kosciusko chamber of commerce volunteers provide travel information for the parkway and local area.  

Hurricane Creek – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 164.3 – Hurricane Creek – Self guiding trail. Allow 15 minutes to walk in area that identifies the plants found in different soil conditions.  

Cole Creek – French Camp, MS

Milepost 175.6 – Cole Creek – A short self-guiding trail through a water Tupelo/bald-cypress swamp.

Bethel Mission – French Camp, MS

Milepost 176.3 – Bethel Mission – One of the 13 Choctaw missions was one-half mile to the northwest. Picnic area.

French Camp – French Camp, MS

Milepost 180.7 – French Camp – Louis LeFleur established a stand here in 1812. It became a school in 1822 and remains one to this day. Sorghum is made here in the fall.

Jeff Busby – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 193.1 – Jeff Busby – Picnic area, campground, gas station, store, phone, and restrooms. Self-guiding trail. Allow 20 minutes to walk through area that identifies native plants and describes their use by pioneers. Β The overlook is on one of Mississippi’s highest points, 603 feet.