Explore the Masters & Makers Trail that winds through the scenic beauty of the Williamson County countryside that bore witness to history and has produced the cherished traditions passed through the generations. Along the trail visit with the masters of making wine and spirits at the county’s winery and distilleries. Immerse yourself in the culture […]

Dan Overly Boardwalk – Ridgeland, MS

The Dan Overly Boardwalk in Ridgeland connects the Mississippi Craft Center and the Natchez Trace Parkway. Named in honor of the Craftsmen’s Guild’s first executive director, the boardwalk provides enhanced access to the cultural, historical and recreational assets of the Natchez Trace/Reservoir area.

Coles Creek – Natchez Trace – MS | Natchez Trace Parkway

Milepost 17.5 – Coles Creek – Picnic area and restrooms.

Bullen Creek | Natchez Trace Parkway – Mississippi

Milepost 18.4 – Bullen Creek – A self-guiding trail leads through a mixed hardwood-pine forest. The walk takes 15 minutes.

Sunken Trace – Port Gibson, MS

Milepost 41.5 – Sunken Trace – Self-guiding trail. Allow five minutes to walk through a deeply eroded section of the original trace.

Rocky Springs – Port Gibson, MS

Milepost 54.8 – Rocky Springs – A short trail from the upper parking area leads to the old townsite. Camping, picnicking, ranger station, restrooms, phone, and part of the old trace.

Reservoir Overlook – Natchez Trace Compact – MS

Milepost 105.6 – Reservoir Overlook – Ross Barnett Reservoir on the Pearl River parallels the parkway for eight miles.

West Florida Boundary – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 107.9 – West Florida Boundary – This old boundary ran from the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers’ confluence east to the Chattahoochee.

Cypress Swamp | Natchez Trace Parkway – Mississippi

Milepost 122.0 – Cypress Swamp – Self-guiding trail.  Allow 20 minutes to walk through a water Tupelo/bald-cypress swamp.  

Upper Choctaw Boundary – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 128.4 – Upper Choctaw Boundary – Self-guiding trail.  Allow 10 minutes to walk in area that features southern pines. A line of trees marks this dividing line.  

Yockanookany – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 130.9 – Yockanookany – Picnic area

Robinson Road – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 135.5 – Robinson Road – Dating from 1821 this road connected Jackson and Columbus, Mississippi.  It also has a picnic area.  

Red Dog Road – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 140.0 – Red Dog Road – Named for a Choctaw chief, the road was open in 1834.

Myrick Creek – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 145.1 – Myrick Creek – Self-guiding trail. Take 10 minutes to learn about the beavers here.

Hurricane Creek – Kosciusko, MS

Milepost 164.3 – Hurricane Creek – Self guiding trail. Allow 15 minutes to walk in area that identifies the plants found in different soil conditions.  

Cole Creek – French Camp, MS

Milepost 175.6 – Cole Creek – A short self-guiding trail through a water Tupelo/bald-cypress swamp.

Bethel Mission – French Camp, MS

Milepost 176.3 – Bethel Mission – One of the 13 Choctaw missions was one-half mile to the northwest. Picnic area.

Jeff Busby – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 193.1 – Jeff Busby – Picnic area, campground, gas station, store, phone, and restrooms. Self-guiding trail. Allow 20 minutes to walk through area that identifies native plants and describes their use by pioneers.  The overlook is on one of Mississippi’s highest points, 603 feet.