Old Trace – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 198.6 – Old Trace is a portion of the original roadway leads into the woods.

Witch Dance – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 233.2 – Witch Dance – Picnic area, Horse trail access, bike only campground, restrooms.

Davis Lake – Natchez Trace Parkway – MS

Milepost 243.1 – Davis Lake – Access point to U.S. Forest Service picnicking and summer camping area.  

Dogwood Valley – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 275.2- Dogwood Valley.  Self-guiding trail.  Allow 15 minutes to walk through a large stand of dogwood trees.

Twentymile Bottom Overlook – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 278.4- Twentymile Bottom Overlook.  The low area along the stream is typical of the landscape through which the old trace passed.

Donivan Slough – MS

Milepost 283.3- Donivan Slough- This is a self-guiding trail.  Allow 20 minutes to walk through an area where occasional flooding influences the variety of plants.  

Bay Springs Lake – Tishomingo, MS

Milepost 293.4- Bay Springs Lake- This is the access for the lake and dam.

Tishomingo State Park – Tishomingo, MS

Milepost 304.5- Tishomingo State Park- The park is named for a Chickasaw leader warrior. Camping, picnicking, swimming, canoeing, and fishing.(ref: http://www.chickasaw.net/Our-Nation/Government/The-Great-Seal-of-the-Chickasaw-Nation.aspx)

Cave Springs – Tishomingo, MS

Milepost 308.4- Cave Spring- This is considered an important historic site to the Chickasaw people.

Freedom Hills Overlook – Tuscumbia, AL

Milepost 317.0-Freedom Hills Overlook-A steep, 1/4 mile trail leads to Alabama’s highest point on the parkway, 800 ft.

Rock Spring Nature Trail

Milepost 330.2-Rock Spring is the self-guiding trail along Colbert Creek takes 20 minutes to walk.

Cypress Creek Tennessee | Natchez Trace Parkway

Milepost 343.5- Cypress Creek- Picnic area

Holly – Natchez Trace Parkway -TN

Milepost 346.2- Holly- picnic area

Sunken Trace – Collinwood, TN

Milepost 350.5- Sunken Trace- Three sections of the original road show how the route was relocated to avoid mudholes.

Sweet water Branch – Natchez Trace Parkway, TN

Milepost 363.0- Sweetwater Branch- Self-guiding trail.  A fast-flowing stream parallels the route of this 20-minute walk; seasonal wildflowers.

Dogwood Mudhole – Natchez Trace – TN | Natchez Trace Parkway

Milepost 367.3- Dogwood Mudhole- The often impassable mudhole lies nearly a mile to the south.

Old Trace Drive – Natchez Trace Parkway, TN

Milepost 375.8- Old Trace Drive- This 2.5 mile road follows the original trace route. Several overlooks provide view of the countryside.  NOT FOR TRAVEL TRAILERS.

Jacks Branch – Natchez Trace Parkway, TN

Milepost 377.8- Jacks Branch has a  parking area, a stone walkway takes you down into the valley next to Jacks Branch. Several picnic tables and grills await under the shade of tall trees.