Changing Seasons and Popping Color

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Changing Seasons and Popping Color

Every year as the air begins to cool, we become immersed in the beauty of the new fall season and fall foliage. Fall signifies many changes, not just shorter and colder nights. 

America’s beloved sport plays on our screens again. Friends and family come together every weekend to passionately cheer for their favorite team. 

Deep orange squash replaces the vibrant flowers and lush greenery of summer months. It takes over our doorsteps, grocery stores, candles, sweets and even our coffee drinks.  

As an unfamiliar crisp cool breeze rushes through the air, we slowly bundle up with long sleeves, light jackets and fuzzy blankets. 

However, out of all the changes we experience, there is only one change that truly represents fall, and we all look forward to. 

The changing of color. 

Fall foliage will quickly fill the world around us. Red, yellow and orange are the first signs that the new season is here. These colors will paint the sky in an amber hue and cover up any remnants of summer green still on the ground. 

The beauty of fall foliage is coming to Natchez Trace Parkway. 

A trip along the scenic route of Natchez Trace Parkway highlights every part of nature. Whether you simply travel in your car looking out the window or stop along the many trails, you will see the brilliant fall colors around you. Experience firsthand the changing of seasons and colors by planning a trip now. 

Our friends at NPS even have a few suggestions on where to enjoy the foliage as well as an updated fall color report.