Bellemont Shake Shop – Natchez, MS

It may not take you back to the days of car hops and rock-n-roll, but the Bellemont Shake Shop will conjure up memories of drive-ins from the 50’s. Some locals would take a strong stance and argue that the Bellemont serves the best burger in town, and maybe so, but you can count on it being one of the best you ever tasted, especially if you’ve eaten just about all the Mickey D’s burgers along your travels you can consume. It’s a fun place to go, and you will certainly enjoy the nostalgia that will be served up with whatever you order from their extensive menu. They’re only open for lunch, so head out around mid-day so you don’t miss a classic Natchez dining experience.

  • 175 Hwy. 61 South
  • Natchez, MS 39120
  • Phone: (601) 445-4581