Ridgeland, Mississippi: New Bikeshare Program, Brand AND Visitors Center

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Ridgeland, Mississippi: New Bikeshare Program, Brand AND Visitors Center

In an exciting development for locals and visitors alike, the Ridgeland Tourism Commission (RTC) proudly shared its latest venture: the grand opening of Ridgeland’s new visitors center,  Bikeshare Program and new brand identity – Explore Ridgeland. 

Chris Chapman, president and CEO of RTC, expressed enthusiasm for this milestone event and emphasized how the partners played pivotal roles in steering the brand’s evolution during a Brand Fusion workshop. The vibrant new look, compelling message, and a call to action encourage passionate exploration. To bring the brand to life, the team secured captivating photography and videography, and revamped advertising materials, all seamlessly integrated into the brand-new Explore Ridgeland website.

Throughout the almost two-year journey, Explore Ridgleand knew they wanted to better showcase their offerings in outdoor recreation, shopping, events, dining, and more to out-of-market visitors and residents.  This led to implementing concurrent endeavors: the development of a new Visitors Center and a comprehensive creative rebranding initiative.  

Offering a wealth of travel resources and immersive experiences, the center serves as the perfect starting point to Explore Ridgleand. Additionally, Ridgeland is proud to introduce its innovative free bike share program, providing visitors with complimentary bike rentals to traverse the picturesque landscapes along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway. Cyclists can now effortlessly explore Ridgeland’s scenic routes and charming neighborhoods, fostering a deeper connection with the city’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. 

“Now real work begins,” Chapman affirmed. “We hope area businesses, attractions, restaurants, and other organizations will adopt the new Ridgeland brand and use the logos proudly in their marketing materials.” 

Explore Ridgeland invites you to experience the convergence of small-town charm and big-city luxury. Nestled just north of the capital and along the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, Ridgeland offers a paradise for cyclists, renowned trails, and a vibrant biking community. The sprawling 33,000-acre reservoir welcomes water enthusiasts with its array of recreational activities. Whether indulging in culinary delights, shopping at premier outlets, or rejuvenating at high-end spas, Ridgeland promises endless possibilities for adventure. 

Embrace the spirit of exploration and plan your next adventure in Ridgeland today!