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Tupelo welcomes visitors from around the world with a variety of museums, historical sites, attractions, shopping centers and entertainment facilities.

Tupelo, located in the northeast part of Mississippi and intersected by U.S. Highways 45 and 78 and the historic Natchez Trace Parkway, is the ideal getaway, with a diverse mix of fun and exciting attractions that are totally unique.

The Natchez Trace Parkway headquarters are located in Tupelo, and here visitors are immersed in the road’s colorful and exciting history through recently redesigned and refined exhibits that combine scholarship with entertainment. Living history demonstrations, like Pioneer Day, offer children and adults alike an opportunity to participate in activities such as corn shuck doll making, basket weaving, beading, and leatherworking.

Elvis’ birthplace is a prime attraction drawing visitors to Tupelo where they meet the child who would become an icon. The story of Elvis and Tupelo is told on the grounds, in the birthplace house and museum and in the church Elvis attended as a child, as well as on a driving tour of significant sites.

Fun-loving guests will love Tupelo’s other attractions as well such as the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo.  Special events, great dining and eclectic shopping make Tupelo your ticket for a great time!

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