Waterfalls along the Natchez Trace

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There are a few beautiful waterfalls along the Natchez Trace Parkway: Jackson Falls, Fall Hollow and Owens Creek.

Waterfalls along the Natchez Trace

The scenic Natchez Trace Parkway is known for its beautiful nature along the 444-mile route. Take a look at the waterfalls you can discover during your outdoor adventure!

Jackson Falls
Jackson Falls – Milepost 404

Jackson Falls – Named for Andrew Jackson, the falls are on the intermittent Jackson Branch that empties into Duck River. Take out your camera to capture the sparkling water against the rocks. A steep trail takes you to a clear pool at the base of these falls. You won’t want to miss seeing this waterfall!

Milepost: 404

Fall Hallow
Fall Hallow – Milepost 391.9

Fall Hollow – Fall Hollow is just off the Parkway. Fall Hollow is just north of the US 412 intersection. A path and a set of wooden bridges take you across the small creeks. The path ends at a deck where you can look down at the largest waterfall. Past this point the path becomes very rocky and steep. Fall Hollow is simply gorgeous.

Milepost: 391.9

Owens Creek - Milepost
Owens Creek – Milepost 52.4

Owens Creek – Owens Creeks Falls drops into a rock overhang. Sand gathers at the bottom of the pool. This was a landmark for early Natchez Trace travelers, and is a stopping point for drivers and hikers.

The Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail leaves the parkway and travels past Owens Creek Falls to a small picnic area. The trail heads in both directions from the parkway for extended hikes. Come see this pretty waterfall located northeast of Natchez.

Milepost: 52.4

Please note the flow of the waterfalls will vary throughout the year. Want to see more beautiful waterfall photos? Get social and follow The Natchez Trace on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram!

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