Why More People are Visiting the Natchez Trace Parkway

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The Natchez Trace Parkway saw a significant jump in the number of visitors last month compared to September 2013… and there’s a reason for it! See why more people are discovering and visiting the Natchez Trace.

Why More People are Visiting the Natchez Trace Parkway

Fantastic news! The Natchez Trace Parkway saw a significant jump in the number of visitors last month compared to September 2013. In September of this year, 728,172 visitors used the Natchez Trace, compared to 534,955 in September 2013.

Year-to-date, the Trace has entertained 4,675,984 visitors compared to 4,482,480 in 2013. These numbers continue to put the Natchez Trace Parkway on track to be among the top ten most visited National Park Service sites.

There’s a reason why people keep coming back for more. The Natchez Trace Parkway has numerous recreational activities to match any interest or experience level. Whether camping, motorcycling, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, or horseback riding, there are countless opportunities to experience the history, culture, and natural resources of the area.

In addition to recreational activities, the Parkway offers beautiful views along the way. In fact, right now is one of the best times to visit because people can view the stunning fall foliage. This scenic route is known for its fall colors, extending an impressive 444 miles from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. See the latest fall color reports here.

Traveling can work up an appetite. Visitors should also enjoy a bite to eat at one of the delicious restaurants along the way. Southern food, BBQ, seafood…. you name it. If your Natchez Trace trip calls for an overnight stay or two, there are plenty of wonderful places to rest up. Whether you’re looking for a quaint B&B or a newer hotel, there are a wide variety of options.

For a visit to a byway rich in history, drive the Natchez Trace Parkway, established to commemorate the historical significance of the Old Natchez Trace. Originally a series of trails that stretched 500 miles through the Chickasaw and Choctaw lands from Mississippi to Tennessee, throughout the years it has gained a rich history that continues to fascinate visitors who travel in the footsteps of those who’ve gone before.

The Sunken Trace at milepost 41.5
The Sunken Trace at milepost 41.5

Are you a cyclist? Good news — the Parkway is a cyclist-friendly route. Commercial traffic is not allowed, so this environment allows cyclists to be worry-free of semi-trucks, deliver trucks or dump trucks. There aren’t any stop signs or stoplights–simply pure beauty and the sounds of chirping birds and wind blowing through the trees. Access to the ramp is via on/off ramps, which means there is no need to worry about cross traffic, as well. All of these perks make the Parkway extremely important to the biking audience.

There’s a reason why so many people love the Natchez Trace Parkway–it’s one of Mississippi, Alabama’s and Tennessee’s best-kept secrets!

To learn more about the Natchez Trace Parkway and plan your trip, give us a call at 866.TRACE56 (872-2356). You should also check out helpful information about the Natchez Trace Parkway on National Park Service website here.

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