4 Reasons to Cruise the Natchez Trace by Motorcycle

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See why you should travel the historic Natchez Trace Parkway by motorcycle and plan your trip today!

4 Reasons to Cruise the Natchez Trace by Motorcycle

Kickstands up, y’all!

All around the world people have fallen in love with the joys of riding a motorcycle. Riders from all walks of life are always looking for the next exciting place to ride. Good news for them, the Natchez Trace Parkway is one of the best places to cruise and enjoy scenic views and unforgettable experiences across three southern states.

So why should you make this 444-mile scenic byway your next motorcycle ride? Here are the top four reasons to put your kickstands up and hit the Natchez Trace.

1. Motorcycle Friendly
One of the best things about the Natchez Trace Parkway is that it’s a safe, relaxing place to go for a ride. The road is smooth, curvy, and the speed limit is set at 50 miles per hour. Talk about perfect cruising speed! This All-American Road is big on safety, and commercial traffic is prohibited. You won’t have much in your way while you make the most of one of America’s favorite roads.

2. Gorgeous Views
Unlike most highways, commercial and other development is set far away from the Trace. This means your scenery will consist of rural farms, wooded hills, friendly wildlife, and breathtaking overlooks. The Parkway is known for its stunning fall foliage, so you may be interested in planning your visit during this time of year.

View of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Franklin, TN during fall

3. History
The Natchez Trace is overflowing with thousands of years of American history. From The Sunken Trace at milepost 41.5 near Port Gibson, to the 2,000 year old Pharr Mounds site at milepost 286.7, to the incredible Battle of Franklin in 1864, you’ll be surrounded by the historic happenings and interesting sites. The Parkway is rich in history and experiencing it by motorcycle is amazing to say the least.

If you like a nice mix of history and music, check out the home of the king of rock n’ roll (Elvis of course) in Tupelo, MS or the father of the blues, W.C. Handy, in Tuscumbia, AL.

4. Dining
All riders know that a day on two wheels can really work up an appetite. Lucky for motorcyclists on the Trace, the 18 Trace communities are just brimming with tasty treats and down-home meals. Maybe you could stop in for a solid southern lunch at Mammy’s Cupboard in Natchez, MS. If you’re near the northern section of the Trace, pick up some unique Amish and Mennonite and take home goodies at Yoder’s Homestead Market near Hohenwald, TN. No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll be sure to find delicious dining!

There are many more fantastic reasons to visit the Natchez Trace, and we hope these top four reasons have encouraged you to make this route your next motorcycle jaunt!

But what about logistics? While you’re out out there taking in all the scenery and fresh air, don’t let worries about fuel and such give you a bother. All along the Trace, you’ll find plenty of rest stops and gasoline to stretch your legs and stretch your trip even longer. Here’s a full list of all the convenient places to take a break starting from the southern end near Natchez, MS all of the way up to the northern limits in Nashville, TN.


  • Mount Locust – restroom stop, milepost 15.5
  • Coles Creek – restroom stop, milepost 17.5
  • MS Hwy 18 in Port Gibson – gasoline/market, milepost 41.3
  • Rocky Springs – restroom stop, milepost 54.8
  • MS Hwy 467 in Raymond – gasoline/market, milepost 79
  • Clinton Visitor’s Center on Pinehaven Road  – gasoline/market, milepost 89
  • US Hwy 51 – gasoline/market, milepost 102.4
  • MS Hwy 43 – gasoline/market, milepost 114.9
  • River Bend – restroom stop, milepost 122.6
  • Ratliff Ferry Road – gasoline/market, milepost 123.8
  • MS Hwy 16 – gasoline/market, milepost 135.5
  • MS Hwy 429 – gasoline/market, milepost 146.2
  • Holly Hill – restroom stop, milepost 154.3
  • Kosciusko Information Center – gasoline/market, milepost 159.8
  • French Camp – Council House Café, milepost 180.7
  • Jeff Busby – restroom and water only – market/gas station is closed, milepost 193.1
  • MS Hwy 9 – gasoline/market at the exit, milepost 195.3
  • US 82 – gasoline/market, milepost 204.2
  • Witch Dance  restroom stop, milepost 233.2
  • Pontocola Road/CR 506 – gasoline/market, milepost 251.6
  • Palmetto Road (Verona exit) – gasoline/market, milepost 255.7
  • MS Hwy 6/Main Street – gasoline/market, milepost 260.0
  • McCullough Blvd. – gasoline/market, milepost 262.3
  • Tupelo Visitor Center – restroom stop, milepost 266
  • MS Hwy 363 – gasoline/market, milepost 270.7
  • Pharr Mounds – restroom stop, milepost 286.7
  • MS Hwy 25 – gasoline/market, milepost 302


  • US 72 – gasoline/market, milepost 320.3
  • Colbert Ferry – gasoline/market, milepost 327.3
  • AL Hwy 14 – gasoline/market, milepost 331.9
  • AL Hwy 20 – gasoline/market, milepost 337


  • TN Hwy 13 – gasoline/market, milepost 350.7
  • TN Hwy 14 in Collinwood – gasoline/market, milepost 354.9
  • Glenrock Branch – restroom stop, milepost 364.5
  • US 64 – gasoline/market, milepost 370
  • Jacks Branch – restroom stop, milepost 377.8
  • TN Hwy 20 – gasoline/market, milepost 385.9
  • Meriwether Lewis – restroom stop, milepost 385.9
  • US 412 – Fall Hollow Market right at the exit, milepost 392
  • Jackson Falls – restroom stop, milepost 404.7
  • Gordon House – restroom stop, milepost 407.7
  • TN Hwy 50 – gasoline/markets, milepost 408
  • Garrison Creek – restroom stop, milepost 427.5
  • TN Hwy 46 in Leiper’s Fork – gasoline/market, milepost 42
  • TN Hwy 100 – gasoline/market, milepost 444

Ready to plan your trip? Check out our Interactive Map and create your personal itinerary here.

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