Depot Library and Museum


The Collinwood Depot Branch Library is housed in the Depot Station that was listed on the National Register of Historic Places April 1, 1988. The current building was originally built in 1916 which was home to 4 rooms. The Depot was placed next to the completed railway that connected Collinwood to Iron City in 1913. With the town booming in 1918, a baggage room and additional warehouse were added to the station. With railway operations on the down turn, the station ceased operation in 1939 and the tracks were removed in the early 1940’s. After the abandonment and removal of the railway the Depot was, in the ensuing years, used as a house, warehouse, and at one time a grist mill. The Collinwood City Government utilized the Depot as City Hall from 1965-1977 and later was home of the local Senior Citizen Center. To the advantage of the citizens of Collinwood the depot building has been renovated and is know known as “The Collinwood Depot Branch Library” and is open to the public Tuesday-Friday 10:30a.m.- 5:30p.m and Saturdays 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m.