Black Belt Overlook – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 251.9 – Black Belt Overlook – This once-vast prairie has rich, black soil.

Brice’s Crossroads Civil War Center & National Battlefield

607 Grisham Street Baldwyn, MS 662-365-3969 Email: Six miles from Baldwyn on Mississippi Hwy 370 W. lies the Brice’s Crossroads National Battlefield where Confederate cavalry under the command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest defeated Union troops and forced their withdrawal to Memphis. A one-acre site maintained by the National Park Service features a […]

Chickasaw Council House – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 251.1 – Chickasaw Council House – Here was Pontatok, capital of the Chickasaw Nation during the 1820’s. Picnic area.

Chickasaw Village Site – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 261.8 – Chickasaw Village Site – Exhibits describe daily life and early history at a Chickasaw village site.

Confederate Gravesites – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 269.4 – Confederate Gravesites- A short walk on the old trace takes you to the graves of the 13 unknown Confederate soldiers.

Dancy Ranger Station – Mantee, MS

Milepost 214.5 – Dancy Ranger Station

Dogwood Valley – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 275.2- Dogwood Valley.  Self-guiding trail.  Allow 15 minutes to walk through a large stand of dogwood trees.

Elvis Homecoming Statue – Tupelo, MS

Placed in honor of Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s most famous native son, this larger than life statue was placed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of
Elvis’ death in August 2012.

Elvis Presley Birthplace – Tupelo, MS

The most significant landmark of Tupelo’s modern history is a modest, two-room house where the King of Rock & Roll was born on January 8, 1935.

Elvis Presley Driving Tour – Tupelo, MS

The Elvis Presley self-guided driving tour leads to some of the most significant locations of Elvis’ life in Tupelo.

HealthWorks! Kids Museum – Tupelo, MS

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the brain of a teenager, or explore the coarser side of human biology, then you’re ready to be exposed to the full-bodied fun of HealthWorks! North Mississippi, the new children’s health-education center in Tupelo.

Mississippi Hills Exhibit Center – Tupelo, MS

Mississippi Hills Exhibit Center The center displays little known facts about 3-country region known as “Hill Country” whose culture is heavily influenced by the intersection of the Applachian Region and the Mississippi Delta

Old Town Overlook – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 263.8 – Old Town Overlook – Enjoy views of Old Town Creek and adjacent floodplain.

Oren Dunn City Museum – Tupelo, MS

The Oren Dunn City Museum is home to a wonderful collection of historic buildings and Tupelo history.

Parkway Visitor Center – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 266.0 – Parkway Visitor Center is the parkway headquarters.  Self-Guiding trail.  Allow 20 minutes to walk through an area of forest regrowth.  Restrooms, exhibits, information, and orientation program. Prices Crossroads National Battlefield Site can be reached from here via Miss. 145 north to Miss. 370 west.

Private John Allen National Fish Hatchery – Tupelo, MS

The Private John Allen National Fish Hatchery is a scenic outdoor facility where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service propagate native fish for use in restocking programs.

Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo – Tupelo, MS

With the largest buffalo herd East of the Mississippi River, you can get an up close and personal look on how and where buffalo live.

Tupelo Hardware Company – Tupelo, MS

Tupelo played a pivotal role in music history when Gladys bought Elvis’ first guitar at this hardware store still an operating hardware store today.