Natchez Trace Parkway Confederate Gravesites

Confederate Gravesites – Tupelo, MS

Milepost 296.4 – Confederate Gravesites- A short walk on the old trace takes you to the graves of the 13 unknown Confederate soldiers. For more information, visit

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Natchez Trace Parkway Elvis Presley Statue

Elvis Homecoming Statue – Tupelo, MS

Placed in honor of Elvis Presley, Tupelo’s most famous native son, this larger than life statue was placed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of
Elvis’ death in August 2012.

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Queen’s Reward Meadery

Mississippi’s First and only meadery is a small-batch meadery that produces a wide variety of meads from traditional dry and sweet to fruit-flavored meads including cranberry and lemonade. All the […]

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Natchez Trace Parkway Tupelo Hardware Co.

Tupelo Hardware Company – Tupelo, MS

Tupelo played a pivotal role in music history when Gladys bought Elvis’ first guitar at this hardware store still an operating hardware store today.   “For more information, visit

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Tupelo Heritage Trails-Tupelo, MS

Tupelo’s heritage trails preserve Tupelo’s rich history through the interpretation of major sites on a Chickasaw native American Trail, Civil War Trail and Civil Rights & African American trail.  Each […]

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