National Park Service Celebrates 98th Birthday!

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TUPELO, MS: The Natchez Trace Parkway will celebrate the 98th birthday of the National Park Service on Monday, August 25th at the Parkway Visitor Center.

NPS TUPELO, MS: The Natchez Trace Parkway will celebrate the 98th birthday of the National Park Service on Monday, August 25th at the Parkway Visitor Center.

In 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established as the world’s first national park. There were 37 national parks in the United States when President Woodrow Wilson signed legislation to create the National Park Service on August 25, 1916.

Today, there are 401 national parks throughout the country and each one tells an important part of the American story. Some commemorate notable people and achievements, others conserve magnificent landscapes and natural wonders, and all provide a place to have fun and learn.

“Birthdays are a time to celebrate and we want everyone to join the party so come have cupcakes at the visitor’s center.” said Natchez Trace Parkway Superintendent Mary Risser. “National parks belong to all Americans and offer something for everyone.  Come visit the Natchez Trace Parkway and wander a trail, take in the scenery, and enjoy a leisurely drive.”

The Natchez Trace Parkway was established in 1938 to preserve the Old Natchez Trace footpath that was used for centuries by Native Americans then by early European and American explorers, traders and emigrants in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The parkway extends 444-miles through 41 county and municipal jurisdictions in the states of Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Last year, more than 14.1 million people visited the parkway, adding $138.9 million to the local economics and supporting 1,698 area jobs.

The mission of the National Park Service also extends beyond park boundaries. Community partnerships help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities. To see what is happening in Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi go to: