Why Visitors Love the Natchez Trace Parkway

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The Natchez Trace Parkway extends an impressive 444 miles from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. It was named one of the most visited units of the National Park System last year. From traveling, hiking, biking, its history, the attractions and its beauty, it’s safe to say the Natchez Trace is one of Mississippi’s, Alabama’s and Tennessee’s best-kept secrets.

Why Visitors Love the Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway extends an impressive 444 miles from Natchez, MS to Nashville, TN. The All-American Road and National Scenic Byway was the 8th most visited National Park Site in 2013, named Best Hiking Destination by Mississippi Magazine, named one of the Best Scenic Roads by Country Magazine.

Along the way visitors can enjoy leisure travel on a beautiful stretch of road, the history, hiking, biking, the attractions, scenic views, places to stay, and delicious restaurants. There’s a reason why so many people love the Natchez Trace Parkway–it’s one of Mississippi, Alabama’s and Tennessee’s best-kept secrets! If you visit our Facebook page, you’ll see all of the great things our visitors say about the Trace.

One of the most popular spots of the Trace is the bridge that hovers over the Tennessee River. The Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge is the nation’s first segmental constructed concrete arch bridge. Spanning over 1600 feet, the double arch structure offers motorists a view from 150 feet above the valley floor and is one of the final links in the Natchez Trace Parkway project. The arches are designed to support the deck without evenly spaced columns, resulting in a picturesque appearance.

The Natchez Trace is a cyclist-friendly route. Commercial traffic is not allowed, so this environment allows cyclists to be worry-free of semi-trucks, deliver trucks or dump trucks. There aren’t any stop signs or stoplights–simply pure beauty and the sounds of chirping birds and wind blowing through the trees. Access to the ramp is via on/off ramps, which means there is no need to worry about cross traffic, as well. All of these perks make the Natchez Trace Parkway extremely important to the biking audience.

You can also hike off of the Natchez Trace. Hiking trails and self-guided nature walks can be found along the entire length of the Parkway. Some of the short walks take you through some of the natural wonders found along the Trace. There are several places where you can walk a preserved section of the Old Trace. You can even horseback ride along the Natchez Trace. Four horse trails have been developed adjacent to the Parkway in Mississippi and Tennessee, in connection with the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail. The Natchez Trace also provides access to the Witch Dance Horse Trail on the Tombigbee National Forest.

History buff? The Natchez Trace Parkway is your key to Civil War history, and you can be a part of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Franklin, which took place 150 years ago on November 30, 1864. Click here to check out the Sesquicentennial Events taking place along the Trace that you can be a part of.

If you love the beauty of the outdoors, be sure to visit the Natchez Trace this fall to see the fall foliage. The fall colors are absolutely gorgeous! You can view photos of fall foliage on our Pinterest board, or visit our blog about fall colors along the Parkway.

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